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Spring 2017 After School Enrichment at Coddle Creek!


Spring 2017
After School Enrichment at Coddle Creek!

We have some amazing opportunities for your child at CCE.
Take a look at our After School Enrichment Programs!

radKIDS Lake Norman is dedicated to breaking the potential cycle of victimization. Children who believe that no one has the right to hurt them and understands it is not their fault if someone does try has the ability and potential to never be a victim. Curriculum includes: 911 • Fire Safety • Home Safety • Gun Safety • Outside Safety • Bike Safety • Vehicle Safety • Stranger Tricks •  Good/Bad/Unwanted Touch • Bullies • Internet Safety. 

UPCOMING CLASSES: Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4:30pm February 2nd to March 2nd.

COST: $100 Per Student. 

REGISTER: Click HERE to register and pay.

Over The Chessboard is offering chess lessons to grades K through 5. Students will be split into groups by ability. They will learn all the basic rules including castling and en passant. Advanced players will discuss openings, endgame techniques, tactical patterns and positional strategies. They will also analyze master games and with that, geography, history & new vocabulary. Students will play chess after every lesson, and are invited to weekend tournaments.

UPCOMING CLASSES: Tuesdays from 2:30pm to 3:15pm January 10th to April 11th.

COST: $130 Per Student.

REGISTER: Click HERE to register and pay.