Safety is our primary concern. Parents, please use your best judgment. Always err on the side of safety.  Remember to notify your school if you cannot attend for any reason. (Click here for Bad Weather procedures for Staff)

Connect-ED messages for delays and closings will be sent between 5:00 and 5:45 a.m.  Info will also be posted on the main page of the I-SS website, and local TV stations and radio stations will be notified by 6:00 am.


The most reliable place to check on closings is our web site: and on the district's social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter.  Other sources are WBTV-3. WSOC-9, NBC6, WXII-TV12, WSIC (1400AM).

 IF SCHOOL IS CLOSED DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, an announcement will be made via Connect-ED, and also on our website and through the media.

•  Parents of Car Riders must pick up their children immediately. Bus Riders will be brought home early.

•  After-school PrimeTime will not be open if school closes early.


 IF YOU WAKE UP WITH SNOW OR ICE ON THE GROUND, check our website or tune in to one of the TV or radio stations listed. A decision on whether to close schools will be made before 6 a.m.

•  If it looks as if roads will clear after early morning, an announcement may be made that schools will open two hours late. This also means buses will run two hours later than usual.  Parents always have the choice of keeping their children at home if they feel their safety is at risk.

•  If schools are closed for the day, Prime Time is closed also. If schools open on a delayed schedule, Prime Time will operate on the same delay.


Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Closings

1.  How is the decision made to close school?
Student safety is the #1 priority whenever weather conditions affect school operations.

A team of school employees drive roads and bridges throughout Iredell County to determine their safety for our school buses.  (Approximately 6 out of 10 students ride the bus every day.)

Those employees regularly report in to the deputy superintendent, who is also in contact with NC Department of Transportation, the Highway Patrol and the weather service. A decision is made no later than 6 a.m. that school will close that day.  If possible, a decision is made the day before. If secondary and back roads are still icy at sunset and temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing, the decision to delay or close will be announced that night.

In unpredictable weather, the school system will always err on the side of safety.

2.  What is my most reliable source for learning about school closings?
We will notify all staff and students via Connect-ED telephone and email messaging first.

While we contact all area TV stations and a large number of radio stations regarding school closings, we have found some media outlets more reliable and accurate than others in broadcasting school closing news.

For the fastest and most accurate information, we encourage you to monitor our website:
School closings are posted on our website and Facebook page immediately as the decisions are made. If you are visiting the website frequently, be sure to hit the “refresh” or “reload” button on your browser to make sure you are viewing the latest page.

3. The streets are fine where I live. Why aren’t we in school today?
Iredell is a large county covering an area of almost 40 miles from Lake Norman to the Brushy Mountains above Harmony. The weather and temperatures can be very different from one end of the county to another. Even so, the Iredell-Statesville Schools functions as a system with many operations interconnected.  After carefully studying the issue of closing only parts of the system in unsafe weather, the Board of Education rejected the proposal as not only operationally inefficient, but divisive and counter to system goals of equity.

4.  My school is open, but my road is dangerous. What do I do?
Parents always have the option of keeping their children at home if conditions are dangerous where you are. Safety is our top priority.  Make-up for absences will be arranged by your teacher and principal.

Last Modified on June 19, 2014