2016-2017 LNHS Parking Regulations
Driving and parking a car or truck on campus is a privilege and the driver must agree to obey all school rules regarding a motor vehicle on Iredell-Statesville School grounds. Students must also understand failure to comply will result in loss of driving and parking privileges as well as all parking fees. Lake Norman High School Administration reserves the right to withdraw parking privileges at any time upon VERBAL notification to the student and/or parent/guardian. Any vehicle parked on the LNHS campus is subject to search by Administration when there is reasonable suspicion.  Below is the link to the parking application.
Link to Parking Map 
Parking Fees and Pass Sign Up: 
We will begin accepting parking applications July 18, 2016.  The parking fee is $50.  It is $50 for the entire year, it is nonrefundable and is not prorated.  Students must complete the parking application form and bring the necessary materials.  If you are paying with cash or check you need to pay before 1:00pm.  Once everything is gathered and fees are paid you will be put on the list.  You will receive your pass in August if your parking application is complete.  Also, if you are a student ranked in the top 80 of the 2016 Senior Class, please let us know when you turn in your application.  You will receive a spot in either the 'A' lot or 'B' lot which will allow you to exit the campus quicker at the end of the day.  If you have a large truck and you're concerned it will not fit in a regular spot, please indicate that when you turn in your application.  We will try to give you a space that's easy to back into in the 'C' lot.
Parking Lot Rules and Prohibited Actions
  • No Parking in an unassigned space
  • No Parking in the visitor lot
  • No unauthorized Parking in the handicapped spaces
  • Passing cars in the parking lots unnecessarily while entering or exiting
  • Double parking while exiting school grounds in the loop
  • Intentionally driving in the grass or over the curbs
  • Reckless driving
  • Parking in an unauthorized space
  • Not permanently affixing your parking sticker to the windshield of the registered vehicle
  • Parking a non-registered vehicle at LNHS during normal operating school hours    
  • Not properly parking
  • Speeding through campus
  • Spinning Tires on Campus
  • Noncompliance with traffic patterns
  • No loitering in vehicles
  • Turning right on Doolie Road to get ahead of traffic*
  • Any other offense deemed unsafe by the administration and/or their designees.^

 1st Offense  2nd Offense 3rd Offense
 $10.00 ticket or towed at owners expense Towed at owners expense and/or Two Week Parking Suspension**
 Loss of parking privileges for rest of school year.
*If you need to make a right on Doolie Road to get home or to an after school destination, please see the Parking Lot Administrator for a special pass
^ Students going to their car during SMART lunch or during the school day without administrative permission will be written up for skipping class.    
** Parking on campus during a parking suspension will result in a loss of parking privileges for the rest of the school year as well as a write-up.  
Frequently Asked Questions: 
Q.) I am a Sophomore with a license, when can I get my parking pass? 
A.) Parking will open to Sophomores at the very beginning of 2nd semester.  If the parking lot is not full by November 1, 2016, we will consider opening up parking applications to Sophomores at that time.   
Q.) Do I have to pay for my parking pass online?
A.) No, however it is the fastest way to get the payment in and verified.  It will save time if you pay online, print the confirmation and bring that in with your application.  If you are going to pay in cash or check, you must pay before 1:00pm.
Q.) I have an out-of-state license, can I still get a parking space at LNHS?
A.) Yes, however, you will need to get a valid NC license within 30 days of turning in your application.
Q.) What if I'm driving a different car than what is registered? 
A.) If you are driving a car/truck that is different than what is registered you will need to put your static parking pass on the car/truck you're using.  Once coming to school and parking in your assigned space, you will need to come to the front office and sign in your car/truck.
Q.) How do I get permission to park in the handicapped spot in the student lot?
A.) In order to park in the handicap spot you must have a handicapped parking tag displayed in the car.  This is necessary to maintain the handicapped spots for those who have a medical need for the spot.  Cars parked in the handicapped that do not have a proper handicapped parking tag displayed will be towed at owner's expense.  Once you receive your handicapped parking tag please email or see the appropriate administrator to let him know you have a handicapped parking tag.