Northview School, an IBO World School


Visitor Policy


Northview encourages the community and parents to be involved in and support the school and the educational program.  To encourage involvement, the following opportunities are provided to visit the schools:


• Visitors are welcome at the schools to observe and learn about the educational program;


• Visitors are invited to attend public events, such as athletic events, musical programs, and dramatic productions.


While visitors are welcome, the paramount concern of the board is to provide a safe, orderly and inviting learning environment in which disruptions to instructional time are minimized.  The superintendent and each principal may establish and enforce reasonable rules to address this concern.


Northview Policy


• All school visitors must report immediately to the front office at the school for permission to be in the school and receive permission to be in the school.  Visitors must sign-in and wear a visitor's pass at all times.  Signs are posted in the school to notify visitors of this requirement that helps ensure the safety of all students.


• Parent Request to Observe Classroom:

·         Parents will be asked to specifically highlight what they would like to learn from the observation and/or educational program. Administration will observe that classroom and will get back with him/her regarding their objective.

·         In certain cases, in order to observe a classroom, prior arrangements must be made with administration as unannounced observations disturb the regular functions of the classroom.  Parents will be accompanied by a member of the administrative team during the observation.

·         Visitors may not come into the classroom unannounced as a result of disrupting student learning and instructional time.


• If any school employee becomes aware that an individual is in a school without having received permission, the employee must either direct the individual to the administrative office or notify the principal, depending on the circumstances.


• Staff should notify the front office or administration of any unusual or suspicious behavior by visitors or others.  Staff must inform the principal immediately of any student's report of suspicious behavior or their own observation of such behavior.


• Any individual who disrupts the educational environment, acts in a disorderly manner, damages school property or violates board policy or law, may be requested to leave.  Such individual also may be prosecuted and may be prohibited from attending any other events sponsored by the school district for the remainder of the year.  Failure to reply with requests to leave school grounds or other restrictions imposed by school staff may result in the filing of trespass charges against the offending individual.