Northview  Spelling Bee

Classroom Spelling Bee
The classroom spelling bees will be held in November.
The majority of words will be taken from the classroom spelling list provided by the National Spelling Bee. Additional words will be selected from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, copyright 2002,Merriam-Webster. Classroom teachers will determine which grade level words will be included in the classroom bees. Classroom teachers may give words orally or as a written test.

Northview School Spelling Bee
The Northview School Spelling Bee will be held in the school media center in early 2015. Date and time TBA.
School spelling bee officials have the prerogative to amend Rules 2 through 11
A. Words 1–225: These words were selected from the 2014 School Spelling Bee Study List for students in grades 1–8.  Words progress in difficulty by groups of 25 words.
B.  Words 226–375 (Additional Words): These words were NOT selected from the 2014 School Spelling Bee Study List for students in grades 1–8. Instead, these words were selected from Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and its addenda section, copyright 2002, Merriam-Webster (Webster’s Third). 

District Spelling Bee

In addition to the Classroom and School Bee Lists, study the lists for the School Champion in preparation for District Spelling Bee. The district bee will also include words from other sources. 
Additional information and study tips can be found at Scripps National Spelling Bee.