More information coming soon - currently being updated for 2017-2018

Directions for new-to-Northview students, to be completed after school starts:
Click the link below to access the Student Template for reflecting on your Service as Action experiences.  
Directions for level 1 students and students who do not have their service keynote from last year:
1. Click the Student Service as Action Template (above) to open it.  The page will open in google drive.
2. Then, go to "file" and select, "make a copy"
3. Rename your document with your name "Your Name Service as Action Template"
4. This document will be accessible via your google drive
Directions for Returning students to add to your keynote from last year:
1. Go to google drive
2. Click on "New", then "File Upload"
3.  Find your keynote presentation from last year and select it to upload
4.  Rename the file to "Your Name Service as Action Template" 
3. In this file, select slides 3 and 5-9 and copy these slides by doing a two-finger click and choosing "duplicate slide."
4. Drag all 6 of your duplicated slides to be placed just before the Approaches to Learning slide near the end of your powerpoint.  This way you will have the new slides that you need for this year within your document from last year.
We ask that students take the time to provide a thoughtful and thorough reflection of their service and the impact it had on their lives and the lives of others.  This keynote presentation will serve as an ongoing portfolio of your service.

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