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EverFi is an online media learning program that uses video, animations, 3D gaming, avatars, and social networking to bring complex financial concepts to life for high school students.


This online course is to be completed by all students enrolled in Civics & Economics as the content taught by EverFi is part of the course curriculum. 


What will I learn?  You will learn aspects of personal finance.  These are key principles and skills that you will need as you get older and leave home to be on your own.  There is a lot to know in order to make smart economic decisions!  Learning modules include:  savings, banking, interest rates, credit cards, financing higher education, renting vs. owning, taxes, insurance, consumer fraud, and investing. 


How will I and Mr. Roseman know that I am completing and learning EverFi?  For every financial learning module, you will take a quiz that will be automatically graded.  After completing all modules, you will receive a certificate of financial literacy.  Mr. Roseman has online access to all student progress and grades.  Mr. Roseman will check this regularly.


How long is this online course?  The course is to be completed by students by the end of the first 9 weeks (1st quarter).  The estimated time to complete the entire program is approximately 6 hours.


How does EverFi affect my classroom grade?  The completion of this online program is an essential requirement of the Civics & Economics course.  Successful completion of the program, shown by receiving a certificate of financial literacy, will result in a “100” for a test grade.  Non-certification in financial literacy will result in an automatic “0” for a test grade.  This is NOT an optional assignment and MUST be completed by the due date.


How do I register and start using EverFi? 

Step 1:  Go to the EverFi sign up page:      https://platform.everfi.net/registration/signup

Step 2:  Under “Get started”, type in the registration code:  dd17dcaa

Step 3:  Click “I’m a student” and on the next page that comes up, create a profile with a username and password that it is easy for you to remember!  Record them below. 


My username is: _______________                    My password is: ________________


            Click the check box next to “I agree to the terms of service” and then “Finished!”

            You can begin the course on the page that follows!

Step 4:  When returning to the program, log in by going to this address:  everfi.com/login

Last Modified on June 17, 2014