Machu Pichu    Websites Verb conjugation site.  Scroll down the left side and click on Spanish verbs.  Site which has a lot of resources for grammar and vocabulary.  Put "Verb Flashcards" in the search box.  It will print out all the tenses, regular and irregular verbs.  You can put these on index cards and study them.  All of my vocabulary lists are on this site.  You can also access other teachers' and subject lists.  You can create a login and make your own study lists for all of your classes.  These are accessible on iphones (and they are trying to make it accessible on Droids. - Spanish Vocabulary on topics - Basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary  - Basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary, drag and match 
Spanish Alphabet - go to youtube and search "Spanish Alphabet song military style". 
Last Modified on August 19, 2015