Classroom Rules
I am very excited about working with your child this year! We have so many fun things planned. In order for the class to run smoothly, we have class rules to ensure your child gets the most out of his/her day. Please go over these rules with your child.  We will review our rules often with the class.   Our class rules are as follows.


1.    Be respectful to others.

2.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3.    Follow all directions.

4.    Use your manners.

5.    Take care of all classroom materials.


To help manage our classroom, I have devised a behavior chart.  Each child has a pocket with his/her name on it.  There are 5 color coded cards.  Each child begins the day with a green card.  The cards are changed if rules are not followed.  The children may be given a verbal warning before a card is changed based on the severity of the offense.  If a child’s card remained on green all day, he/she is given a smiley face stamp in his/her blue behavior book.  If a child’s card is changed during the day, his/her behavior book will have an appropriately colored smiley face, and I will provide a written explanation of what happened.  Here is a quick review of the cards and the colors:


·         Green Card:  Good behavior

·         Yellow Card:  Warning/Reminder

·         Red Card:  Time out in the classroom

·         Blue Card:  Phone call home

·         Purple Card:  Sent to Office


Our classroom is a positive learning environment.  The children will receive frequent positive feedback through verbal praise, hugs, treats, stickers, and visits to the prize box.  Misbehavior will be dealt with appropriately to ensure a great learning experience for all. 


The children will also work as a team to earn bigger awards.  We will have a jar in the classroom where we will put stars when the children use good behavior.  Stars can be earned for the following:


·         No one in time out                                                       3 stars

·         Compliment from another teacher (to the class)        2 stars

·         Good behavior in enhancements                                2 stars

·         Perfect attendance                                                      1 star

·         Individual achievement                                              1 star


When the star jar is filled, the entire class gets a reward.  Rewards could be a popcorn celebration, a trip to the treasure box, treats from the treat jar, ice cream parties, extra recess, etc.  The class will vote on what they want to do to celebrate their great work.  These large awards normally occur once a quarter. 


We are looking forward to a great year.  We appreciate your support!  If you have any questions, please drop us a note or give us a call.