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CATS Teacher of The Year  
Teacher of the year.  
The CATS Teacher of the Year is Rusty Parker, Collision Body Repair Instructor. He has been with the ATC Department for four years.  Rusty enjoys the flexibility and the hands-on experiences he shares with his students.  He is able to teach in the classroom and has opportunities to allow students to actually prep and repair vehicles.  His program is geared toward what the automotive industry is seeking in future employees.
Currently, students who work really hard and apply skills being taught may earn an I-CAR Platinum Certificate through the program.  This certificate will put CATS students a step ahead as they seek employment after graduation.
 We remember.
Reflecting on 911  
Pictured above: CATS Principal, Larry E. Rogers, Basic Fire Science Students, Instructor, Gerald Clodfelter,ISS Board Members Chuck Gallyon and Martin Page, Bagpiper, Greg Parsons and Troutman Mayor, Elbert H. Richardson.
On September 10, 2014, the staff, faculty, students and community stakeholders held a solemn tribute to 911 victims around the campus flag pole. This event was sponsored by the Basic Fire Science classes of CATS, under the leadership of Instructor, Gerald Clodfelter.
Future Firefighters.  
Two women, Mary Werner, who lost her brother Joseph Maloney, a member of the FDNY's Ladder 3, was in the command center of the north tower when it collapsed and Joan Weiss-Prowler's son, David Weiss,
a member of the FDNY's Rescue Company 1, died in the south tower of the World Trade Center were in attendance during the ceremony.
Paying tribute to family members.  911 Ceremony
We were also very pleased to have Mayor Elbert H. Richardson, SHS Color Guard, Retired Mooresville firefighter, Greg Parsons, who played 'Amazing Grace' on his bag pipes were also in attendance.
 SHS Color Guard
Retired firefighter, Greg Parsons.  
At the close of the ceremony, Basic Fire Science student, Donald Gilbert rang a bell in remembrance. Ringing the bell is a solemn tradition in the fire service.
CATS Staff/Faculty  
 CATS is proud to welcome three new faculty members: Justin Bennett, Sonja Lewis and Blake Reep.
Welcome to ATC.  New CATS Counselor CATS Masonry Instructor.
CATS Open House Schedules
Enjoy Personalized Learning!
August 14, 2014
6:00-7:30 PM
iAcademy Open House was a huge success. Parents had the opportunity to complete the enrollment process and meet with guidance counselors.
New IAcademy students and parents  Registration Enthusiastic parents and students.
Registration  Listening attentively Happy to begin a new process
Headed to the Computer Lab for registration  Finally! Patiently waiting
Happy!  Exploring the curriculum
 Registration is complete Getting directions
Reading all the information  
Automotive Technology Center/Masonry
 Welcome! New class added this year.
 August 28, 2014
5:30-7:30 PM
Students and parents were welcomed to Open House at the CATS Automotive Technology Center by Principal, Larry E. Rogers on August 28, 2014. Instructor Pope presented an overview of the program and introduced each ATC Instructor as they reviewed their area of expertise and expectations.Parents were treated to a delicious meal, toured the facility and received helpful information and expectations for the year. 
The Iredell-Statesville Schools Automotive Technology Center tries to operate its program parallel to that of an employment situation.  According to the July 7, 2010 USA Today, a recent study of 400 top employers in the United States found the top four desired skills for employees were: work ethic, ability to work with others, good oral and written communication, and social responsibility.  It is not surprising that our local advisory committee of employers desire the same qualities along with good basic automotive training.  Our program's basic goals are to teach work-based responsibilities and up-to-date technical skills to our students. 
Just as in the work place,  a student's success in our program is based on attendance, punctuality, ability to follow rules and work with others, and job performance.  A student's attitude, motivation, maturity,trustworthiness and effort all figure into his/her success in our program.  For the first time in many of our students' lives, they will have the responsibilities and rewards of educational freedom and choice.  Our workplace style of education places much of the decision-making on the students.  Students are expected to keep up with their tools, uniforms, and equipment and keep themselves and their work areas clean.  Their ability to deal with these expectations  and the ramifications of failing these expectations are  some of our students most important "learning moments."
Principal Rogers welcomes parents and introduces ATC Instructors.        Instructor Pope gives an overview of the ATC program.        
  Students show off CATS Toy.        Auto Tech Instructor.     
 ATC Instructor  ATC Instructor
Parents were treated to dinner.  Opne House is once again a family event.
 ATC Instructor ATC Instructor
 Spotlight on YOU! Make learning exciting. Enjoy helping people and saving lives. Food Service Industry
Digital Film and Television Broadcasting
Fire Science
September 8, 2014
Meet the instructors and tour the campus.
Proud CNA Student
Gathering information. Greeting and Welcome!
Touring  Touring
Touring in the Fire Academy Touring in the Fire Academy
Enjoying Open House!

ProStart students listening to presentations by classmates. Listening to presentations ProStart students listening to classmates' presentations.
Listening to presentations  ProStart student presenting a report. Team work among Fire Science students.
Highlight of an outstanding year!!!  
 Members of Recertification Team ATC students working hard. Flag Pole Ceremony Participants
 First graduate of CATS Nursing students learn to use a walker. Learning  how to cook safely. Break time. Five more years. Nursing Fundamentals Students
Opportunites await. Prostart students preparing a meal.Touring CATS Welcome to CATS
Let's get this right. Team work Making history. Flag Ceremony participants
Inspection Students working during the inspection.
Hard work pays off.  Spotlights on CATS Waiting for results.
 Safety drills Inspection day. Visiting Troutman Elementary SchoolCooking in the kitchen Touring CATS Touring CATS

Vocational Academy Learning Center Lt. Governor visits CATS Nursing Fundamentals Students
Attention to details  Distance Learning Advisor Team work Role modeling Nursing Fundamentals classroom Flag ceremony certificate
ProStart students working on  international posters Instructor Page leading group tour Team work
Inspection of work.
Making adjustments.
Congratulations to the Automotive  Technology Department for receiving a five-year re-certification!  Hard work pays off.

Stakeholders Visit CATS
Martin Page, CATS Automotive Instructor; David Taylor, Vice President Cummins Atlantic;Antonio D'Acunto Cummins Director-Service Workforce Development & Training Global DBU; David Favre, Central Piedmont Community College Division Director Transport Systems Technology; and Larry T. Williams Cummins Director, Functional Talent Management Global Services Operations.
David Taylor, Cummins Atlantic , Vice-President ;Michael F. Grace-Cummins Atlantic- President; and Fred Cox-Training Manager
David Taylor-Cummins Atlantic, Vice-President;  Michael F. Grace-Cummins Atlantic,  President;  Fred Cox, Training Manager. Representative from Cummins Atlantic visited CATS on Thursday, May 29, 2014 to discuss possible student apprenticeships.


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